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by danny sankar


Welcome to Eleven Updates – a monthly blog dedicated to happenings around planet football.  Expect updates every month of the year from February to December, posted on or around the 11th.  European club football takes centre stage most months, however also expect paragraphs about international football, including World Cup Qualifying, Continental Tournaments and the Confederations Cup.  In addition, regular updates from the MLS are featured, as well as relevant or interesting stories from all around the globe.  Updates from professional and international soccer will be the “starting eleven”, followed perhaps with paragraphs “from the bench”, which may include tidbits from youth soccer or hobby soccer, ideas from my soccer classroom or sports workshops and also other good stories from the world of soccer.  Enjoy each month’s updates… and remember… share it with kids and teenagers.


This month’s eleven updates begin with another global goalie, sharing information about the structure and organization of world football.  This goalie is the “back-up” to last month’s introduction to FIFA, providing more information about global entities that protect...

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This month’s team of eleven updates starts at the top, introducing our ultimate keeper of the game, who strives to put football first and keep the planet in order. Two centre backs (#2 and #3) keep the conversation international, while also expressing the importance...

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